What are the services MMTS offers

Our service stands apart for its efficient and quick turnaround times and cleverly designed cost effective transcription packages that suit individual Medical Specialists, Private Practices and large scale multi-disciplinary hospitals. Pioneers in offering transcription solutions with tailored administrative services for Paperless Medical Practices.


At MMTS we value commitment and reliability. Each of our valued and dynamic typists undergo extensive and rigorous training and receive on-going support from our editors with regular feedback from clients.


Leaders in the Global Transcription Industry, our editors understand the medical language like no other. Living our values and constantly thriving for excellence we listen to our clients to provide them with exceptional service and reliability.

Quality assurance officers

We focus on quality and our team of dedicated QA Officers allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that they are getting a reliable and secured service at a cost they are happy to pay.

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